The weather is often a tricky thing to manage, especially in this country and I’m often asked a lot of questions about how the weather might affect a booking or session. In this post I’m going to try and cover all the possible situations.

The important thing to remember is that you should choose an indoor or outdoor photo shoot based on your personal style and not the weather. If you have an outdoor photo shoot you will love the images and it’s definitely worth the risk.

“How does the weather affect a photo shoot?”

The main thing to look out for is rain which can easily prevent a photo shoot from taking place. If the weather is cold it doesn’t usually make much of a difference as we will keep walking around and I will do what’s needed to keep everyone warm. If it’s snowing on the day this can make for a unique session and a good opportunity but we can discuss whether you think it’s possible to go ahead or not.

If it’s a cloudy day you might think that this won’t be good for your photos but it can also be beneficial. The clouds act as a kind of diffuser which improves the appearance of shadows but the clouds don’t look so good in the images. If the sky is cloudy it’s usually just a case of making more use of trees etc. as a backdrop.

“The weather report for Saturday isn’t great- should we re-book?”

My suggestion is to wait until the day of your photo shoot as things can change so quickly. I usually check the weather about an hour before your session to see if the weather is OK and if there are any problems I will be in touch straight away.

“If it’s raining on the day of my session, will I need to pay to pay to re-book?”

No, absolutely not. I will make the call on the day of your session if I think the weather will prevent us going ahead and if I need to cancel then it’s just a case of booking a session for another day. There are no extra fees to pay in this case.

“What happens if it’s raining- how do we re-schedule?”

I will check the weather shortly before your session, about an hour and if it’s not looking promising I will give you a call straight away to discuss the options. It may be a case of re-scheduling to another day or in some cases it’s possible to continue later in the day.


If you’re considering an outdoor photo shoot but you’re worried about the weather, don’t let it affect your decision. It’s important to take action with family photography so you don’t lose the chance to capture these important family milestones. If you book an outdoor photo shoot we will make sure you get the best results possible, whatever it takes.

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