I’m pleased to unveil a brand new session type this week. It’s something I’ve been working on for some time.

A Home Lifestyle Photoshoot is a great way to capture everyday family life in your own home, through a series of reconstructed day-to-day events. If you imagine how you might create scenes for the filming of a movie, this is similar to how the session works.

There are many different things I can capture during a session. I have listed some ideas below and it may be the case that you have some ideas of your own, so please feel free to suggest these at the beginning of your session.

It’s a good idea to try and achieve as many of these events as possible so that when you come to the studio to choose your images, you have the best possible set to choose from. In some cases, you may be surprised how a seemingly ordinary daily activity can achieve such a wonderful photograph.

Some ideas:

  • Breakfast around the table (or breakfast in bed).
  • Children playing with their toys.
  • Bathtime (including lots of bubbles obviously).
  • Children/Baby bedtime (can also include storytime).
  • Playing a board game together.
  • Picnic in the garden.
  • Paddling pool or sprinkler in the garden.
  • Playing with pets.
  • Storytime on the sofa.

The photoshoot may take place both indoors and out (depending on the weather).

Click here to see more information and example images from the home lifestyle photoshoot.