I often get calls from parents interested in outdoor photo shoots but aren’t sure whether they would be suitable for their baby. In some cases, they choose to delay their session until the child is a bit older but this is just a lost opportunity to take some great pictures in a beautiful environment and you can’t go back in time to when they were this age.

There’s usually a couple of concerns that parents have with regards to outdoor baby photos. The first is that they’re not sure if the weather will be suitable for their age and the second is that they’re not sure whether we can achieve enough variety during the session.

The important thing to remember with the weather is that it’s easy enough to dress for the conditions and it’s easy enough to do so for your baby as well. I’ve taken some of the cutest baby photos ever during the colder months because there’s something about a baby dressed up in a tiny jacket that just works. If you’re having family photos then your baby will be close to you in many of the photos and this is also a great way to keep warm. There’s also the fresh air element as well that brings out the best in people and lots of smiles in babies.

The worst thing you can do is tell yourself that you’re going to wait until it’s warmer because even next time, you will find a way to put off your session because of the weather. They don’t stay little forever unfortunately and the right thing to do is jump in front of the camera when you feel it’s right for your baby and not just when the weather feels better.

If you’re worried about getting enough variety during your session, don’t be, because even if you’re having a baby only session, there’s still lots of opportunity for different styles and different images. The great thing about outdoor photo shoots is that there’s an almost an unlimited number of backgrounds available and we can even include things like blankets and other props too to add an extra element of creativity.

I know photographers go on about this, but you’ve found my website because you most likely feel like you need family or baby photographs. If you delay your session, you’ve lost that opportunity that you won’t get back. I have so many clients who come to me for the first time when the children have grown up and after their session, most parents regret not having booked a session sooner.

If you’re looking to book a session, please get in touch today to discuss the options. I’m here to help.

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