There’s one big question that I’m always asked by clients looking to book an outdoor photo shoot and there’s a good chance that you’re also thinking it:

“What do we do if the weather is bad?”

The one thing I would say in response to this is: Don’t be afraid of the weather.

If you’re considering an outdoor photo shoot for your family or children. It’s not worth being put off by the weather. Yes, it does rain from time to time and we do have to occasionally cancel and reorganise but this is quite rare in the grand scale of things.

I have two sessions on offer, an outdoor photo shoot and a studio photo shoot. The reason for the two is that the each suit two different types of family. If you’re more interested in an outdoor session because that’s the style you prefer, then you shouldn’t book a studio session just in case the weather is bad. It is OK however, in certain circumstances, to move thing indoors if it’s raining. This is particularly useful if you have family¬†who’ve traveled from quite far.




If you’re considering having an outdoor photo shoot then please don’t be put off by the ever-changing weather. The sessions yield absolutely beautiful results that I know you will love.

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