A lot of my clients are buying school photos but they don’t believe they represent good value for money. If you’ve often thought this yourself, read on!

A school portrait photo shoot is a great way to get some lovely images of your children as they grow older and the sessions are ingrained in tradition, so much so that we now expect them. The problem is that these images can expensive and may not represent good value for money.

There are several reasons why you might not see them as good value:

  • The images are fairly generic.
  • You don’t have a wide variety of images to choose from.
  • The images are very posed and often unnatural.
  • The prints are very expensive.
  • The school takes a large commission from sales.
  • There are hundreds of children photographed during a single sitting.
  • The waiting times are long.

The average sale from school photos is around £50 and a lot of my clients tell me they felt obliged to buy them.

I want you to consider how a professional portrait photographer can give you better value for money when you’re looking to purchase photos of your children. If you and your family are spending £50 a couple of times a year on school photos, you can get much better value from a dedicated photo shoot.

A dedicated photo shoot is much different to school photos, but it can also encompass some photos of a similar style to give you the most variety.

Here’s how a dedicated family photo shoot compares to school photos:

  • You can include the whole family and pets if you wish.
  • The sessions are relaxed with much more time available.
  • The photographer will incorporate your children’s unique personalities.
  • You can choose between indoor or outdoor images.
  • You will have a better selection of images to choose from.
  • The images are natural and unique.
  • The session is all about you, your family and no one else.
  • The images are ready in a couple of days.
  • The prints are much cheaper and digital images are available to buy.

If you wish, you can also have some photos of your children wearing their school uniform as well as some other changes of outfit.

So if you’re someone who regularly spends lots of money on school photos, consider a dedicated photo shoot instead and get better value for money, a more personal experience and beautifully natural images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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