It’s the finer details that make the perfect picture. I believe that the best backgrounds make the best pictures and that’s why all of the backgrounds in my Witney-based,¬†family portrait studio, are all handcrafted from scratch.

The majority of photographers use printed vinyl backdrops because they’re cheaper. They’re a flexible roll of vinyl, printed with a variety of effects. The issue with these backdrops is they often reflect the light, they curl up, they become creased and as a whole, they just don’t offer the quality¬†that I think you deserve.

I will do whatever I can to make sure that the images I take of your family, are the best you can get. That’s why all of my backgrounds are made from scratch. If you’re looking for something special for your next family photo shoot, you won’t find this level of quality anywhere else around.

The backgrounds I use are mostly created on a plywood base. I have a variety of different ones including real wood, real brick and painted effects. The backgrounds are fixed on a custom-made support system that can hold two at once.

I’ve included some images below of the background building in progress. The background below is created using four different paint coats and produces a cracked, old-fashioned effect. I’ve included a wooden white oak floor and skirting board to provide an amazing setting for perfect baby and toddler portraits.

If you’re looking to book a family or children’s photo shoot, get in touch today, you won’t be disappointed!

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