The government recently updated its guidelines and as a result, we’re now only able to meet socially in groups of up to 6 people but how does this affect photoshoots?

In general, the majority of people won’t be affected by these guidelines when considering a photoshoot and things will seem mostly normal.

I’m looking to book a photoshoot, how will that affect me?

If you’re looking to book a studio photoshoot, you will only be able to attend in groups of 6 (not including the photographer).

If you have more than 6 people living in your household, you can bring however many you like (up to the studio capacity) but you must not bring anyone else from any other households.

If you have less than 6 people living in your household, you may bring along any friends or family, up to a maximum of 6.

I would like a session to include my larger/multigenerational family

If your group is larger than 6, it may be possible to have your photoshoot outdoors so long as the session complies with covid guidelines. This is a little more tricky but not impossible or overcomplicated.

If you have an outdoor photoshoot planned for a large group, you must arrive in groups of up to 6 people and stay in your groups. This takes some planning because how you arrive will determine how you are placed for your photo. These group photos will be taken while social distancing and in order to make sure the gap appears as small as possible in the end result, we can use some camera-tricky or photoshopping to improve this.

If you would like some individual family photos or children’s photos as well during your session, this is fine but you can only group those people within the groups they arrived in, for example, in order to have a photo that includes the grandparents and grandchildren, they must have arrived like this and be no more than 6 people.

If you would like to have your larger family in the studio you, unfortunately, can’t have any more than 6 inside at once, but you could arrange to have people arrive in groups up to 6 people during the same session on a ‘one group in, one group out’ basis. This means you wouldn’t be able to get everyone in together, but you could have individual family units, etc. to chose from as a set.

How are viewing sessions affected?

As with studio photoshoots, you can have a mix of people from different households, up to a maximum of 6 or an entire household if there are more than 6.