It’s with great pleasure that I can announce I will be re-opening on June 15 for outdoor photoshoots, studio photoshoots, and viewing appointments. This is in line with government guidelines but is obviously subject to change, depending on the information we’re given.

Outdoor Photoshoot Information

Generally, outdoor photoshoots can and do take place with a level of distancing anyway. It’s important to remember, however, that currently to comply with social distancing rules, we are limited to groups of six people, including the photographer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not include your wider family. It just means that logistically, we will need to be creative in how we do the photoshoot itself.

In general, at present, I don’t see much disruption to outdoor photoshoots.

Studio Photoshoot Information

Photography studios, in addition to many other businesses, including shops, etc. have been given explicit permission to re-open on June 15.

As you can imagine, in the photography studio, it’s not that easy to completely distance ourselves, but I am taking extra measures to limit the amount of contact, as much as possible and to ensure all surfaces are clean.

When arriving at the studio, you will find there are hand-sanitising stations in the entrance. It’s important that all visitors, including children, sanitise their hands when arriving and after re-entering the building.

I will be cleaning and sanitising the studio in between each photoshoot, much like I was before lockdown came into place. All surfaces, including the floor and any props, will be cleaned.

Viewing Information

As with studio photoshoots, the studio will be cleaned and sanitised in between all sessions. In addition to this, frame mouldings and product samples will also be cleaned, as you’re likely to want to check these out during your viewing.

The viewing session itself is relatively straight forward compared to photoshoots and it’s much easier to keep our distance.

If you have elderly relatives or family members identified as at risk, who would like to be involved in the viewing itself, you will need to attend the viewing yourself, with arrangements in place for them to be contacted via Skype, Facetime, etc. to confirm any final selections, product choices, etc. This is much like how we do viewings when other family members have returned to their home countries after their photoshoots.

Personal Protective Equipment

If you are attending a photoshoot, it will obviously be impossible to wear face masks as we need to see those wonderful smiles of yours.

I will not be wearing any kind of PPE during photoshoots by default, because, as you can imagine, there’s a certain part of my job that requires me to be able to put people at ease and to invoke smiles, which is especially important for children and babies. If you wish, however, you can request that I wear a mask by getting in touch before your session.

If you have a viewing appointment booked, you are welcome to wear any face masks or PPE you wish, although this is not strictly mandatory and you can request I do the same by contacting me in advance.

Booking Information

If you are a new customer and would like to make a booking, you can now do so by choosing a date from June 15 onwards. I have various availability, 7 days a week but it’s worth noting that these appointments will initially be filled quickly.

If you are an existing customer and need to reschedule your appointment, I will be in touch with you in the coming days to get you booked in.

If you were previously booked on a studio photoshoot, but would like to change to an outdoor photoshoot, this will be possible.

If you have a gift card and it expired between March and June this year, you will be able to extend the date if you get in touch before June 30 to confirm your gift card expired and you still wish to use it.